Social Energy

When we see some active vibration between society or cultural get together, then it helps our mind and thought the process to increase cerebral metabolism. However, in the opposite section of the negative life, vibration creates the oppositive energy, which is not showing in the place, but it can feel from the circumstances. The meaning of being with people earn simple warm greetings and respect, but the social and environmental aspect people build a wall which may create an invisible glass where it can see everything, but it cannot intimate that person again. That is the worst part of life. We need to understand the real senses of heart and soul. The deliberation of the living and the death, death is the part of the great reality. Every second, minutes, and hour we die from our body, mind, and moments. Like we cannot get our childhood again, we cannot go back to our kindergarten school again like a student. So that part is gone/dead. We reveal our present situation what we are. The realization of life is to understand people, love people not because of who has money, name, fame just because he is an excellent vibrate person. That is important. The importance of opinion does not come from the difficulty of the situation, but when it is quiet and peaceful to understand the fact.

Bidita Rahman

Supernatural Human Mind

I believe in Logic as well as extrasensory perception power of the human mind which is opposite to the Logic. The contradiction of the spirit and its game is extraordinary deep that people cannot understand at a surface level. Human has the inner power to interpret anything that they believe, and it might be related to the external world or internal appearance. The belief is coming from a background of the human, genetics, or experience, but the extrasensory power is an entirely psychic ability that comes from intuition, telepathy, or the operation of precognition. The perception is entirely uncontrollable, and it develops through spiritual practice. So the special attire says many things in the real and unreal world which people do not know in ordinary life. The multisensory perception people do not want to fall like other people; they are entirely different from others, such as lifestyle, thinking process, talking style is not ordinary like others. In general human itself has the power to connect with the divine internet, which directly communicates with the spirit. However, nowadays, humans are busy with things that destruct them from spiritual energy.

Bidita Rahman


Jealousy is a disease. Get Well Soon.


Why I mentioned that the jealousy is a disease and get well soon because jealousy makes people so underestimated themselves by themselves, it may destroy the ability of what it gets from the world and its effectiveness. The severe virus of jealousy eliminates social function and interpersonal relationships with people. I have many case studies about teenagers to adults about to grow doubt, and it occurs not a great situation in their career life when people complain about other people when people think that he has less money and fame than others. When people do not appreciate what they have; and how they invest the talent, knowledge, money, relationship, and other faculties of life, then they suffer from severe jealousy or envy. Jealousy comes from suffering insecurity of emotions about anything he gets from life. Jealousy comes into life than they compare with others, which feels low. Distrust is the leading cause of jealousy. Sometimes it may cause somebody’s harm and destruction or self-destruction. So the solution to the disease of jealousy is to be content, humble, and appreciate thyself and also people. Understanding is the standard solution of doubt we have.

Bidita Rahman

Grow or Die


Human has the enormous power of inner soul when it decides nobody can stop. Every work should be done for development when it determines its event of development need; the nation will develop gradually. It thinks that “We” development instead of  “I” development thinking is the real and fact. Because when it works people around you feel encouraged, that work is not more only yourself when it talks, people listen and learn from it. Every creation is a great teacher; they teach effectively and strategically. When you think I may stop or external factors force you to end, then that feeling is distressed. Please end, when it dies- Before depart, do not quit. Serving, Motivating, loving the world with an excellent source of realization and capabilities to represent it. It depends on you want to grow and cultivate your sense and thought, or you stop and think I cannot do. Grow or Die. The decision is yours!

Bidita Rahman

Patience Enrollment

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves of thousand moments of regret.”

A person wants the ultimate desire in his life, and patience is the tools where they can understand how they can use the desire to be more successful. Every stone can touch its strength and manage the severe condition of heated and stay with satisfactory respect to build a beautiful empire for a human being. The presence of iron oxide in stone will sometimes cause a deterioration in appearance by the formation of a reddish stain on the outer surface. For building an excellent presentation to himself, patience enrollment is the only way to create such things of anger resistance and manage the personal appearance attractive to the world. Impatience makes a beautiful face to the ugly one to diminish the natural existence where good fortune can take place into lousy life. For building patience, then some activities can help for that, for example, Gardening, Fishing, Book Reading, Meditation, Drawing, Cooking, and learning new skills to develop an excellent personality appearance for the development of the future.


Bidita Rahman



Human: Power of Infinite

You are the one who can determine to win and action to be a conquest. You are more robust and greater than your thought and action. You are one who deliberates your intention to ultimate victory. You have the power of infinite freedom of the Universe. Your level of ability is an eternity but the restriction of your image of what you believe. No limitation can stop the Human Being infinite Power. Human is the creation of the Great creation of the Creator who can build the immortal love and wisdom to destroy destruction.

Bidita Rahman


Innocent Snapshot

Man is by nature a political animal—Aristotle

Human is not required to be a criminal animal. They born as an angel feelings, but the earth planet is a very crucial place for a human to become as gentle feelings always.  Maybe they survive their faith by growing their environment as well. Every person in this world should know the survival kit but many people do not understand that much, in that regards it’s become violent and suspicious situation around person circle of life. In this regards, innocence means lack of real guilt or any crime which is legally and morally accepted. Many people cannot accept the truth of him or herself; they feel proud to be like that. They are blind, but they see only what they want to see, they are deaf, but listen what they want to hear, they are not eligible to understand anything, but they know and understand only what they want to need to figure out of themselves. Respect is not by born achieved it should be gained by good behavior to everyone, not for particular people. Smiling is a holy breath of every creation with natural love and feelings, not the fake one. We, human know the fascination of ours, or else we might not know the desired level of our self. We live our life without knowing our self; we talk, listen, feel, understand but we cannot fully know the picture of the philosophical history of our life. Emotional bindings like, relationship are sometimes attract the innocence because of misuse emotional attachment of one’s life. The truth is such a unkindly ingredient of unwanted people, whatever he or she must be relative or friends. Emotional cultivation should be given priority for growing up children, is given them Priority??? NO.

If the answer is YES then why this planet is bleeding every day???????

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Bidita Rahman