Supernatural Human Mind

 I believe in Logic as well as extrasensory perception power of human mind which is opposite to the logic. The contradiction of the spirit and its game is extraordinary deep that people cannot understand at a surface level. Human has the inner power to interpret anything that they believe, and it might be related to the external world or internal appearance. The belief is coming from a background of the human, genetics, or experience but the extrasensory power is entirely psychic ability which comes from intuition, telepathy or the operation of precognition. The perception is completely uncontrollable, and it develops by spiritual practice. So the special attire says many things in the real and unreal world which people do not know in ordinary life. The multisensory perception people do not want to fall down like other people, they are entirely different than others, such as lifestyle, thinking process, talking style is not ordinary like others. But in general human itself has the power to connect with the divine internet which directly communicates with the spirit. But nowadays humans are busy with the things which destruct them from spiritual energy.


Bidita Rahman


Jealousy is a disease. Get Well Soon.

Why I mentioned about the jealousy is a disease and get well soon. Because jealousy makes people so underestimated themselves by themselves. It may destroy the ability what you get from the world and its effectiveness. The severe virus of jealousy eliminates social function and interpersonal relationship with people. I have many case studies about teenagers to adults about to grow jealousy, and it occurs not a great situation in their career life. When people complain about other people when people think that he has less money and fame than others when people do not appreciate what they have and how they invest the talent, knowledge, money, relationship and other faculties of life than they definitely suffer from severe jealousy or envy. Jealousy comes from suffering insecurity of emotions about anything he gets from life. When jealousy comes into peoples life than they compare with others and feeling shame sometimes. Suspicion is the leading cause of spousal homicides. Sometimes it may cause somebodies harm and destruction or self-destruction. So the solution of the disease of jealousy is to be content, humble, and appreciate thyself and also people. Understanding is the standard solution of suspicion we have.

Bidita Rahman

Fear and Hear


When you feel that you have that extortion to feel fear. Did you hear fear so carefully? Fear may expose you, bother you, attract you and punish you in a certain way. Remember Fear is a Liar and make you unreal to real which makes you limited. Human is naturally competitor animal, when fear gets you back in uncertainty, then some may point attitude makes you worst holding living a whole life. What real man think about fear- the absence of mankind than uncertain happening! Are those heights bigger than any Human and this Universe? When you hear your alarm, stay with your concern in 5 min then back to your healthy life. After completing your 5 min timing with heavy fear feeling, take a long breath and listen to your heart, it says you nothing. When you feel nothing, you start beginning strength after the time.

Bidita Rahman


Grow or Die


Human has the enormous power of inner soul when it decides nobody can stop. Every work should be done for development when you determine your event of development need; the nation will develop gradually. It is great thinking that “We” development instead of  “I” development thinking is the real and fact. Because when you work people around you feel encouraged, that work is not more only yourself when you talk people listen and learn from it. Every creation is a great teacher; they teach effectively and strategically. When you think I may stop or external factors forces you end, then you feel die. Please end, when you die- Before depart, do not quit. Serving, Motivating, loving the world with an excellent source of realization and capabilities to represent you. It depends on you want to grow and cultivate your sense and thought or you stop and think I cannot do. Grow or Die. The decision is yours!

Bidita Rahman

Patience Enrollment

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves of thousand moments of regret.”

A person wants the ultimate desire in his life and patience is the tools where they can understand how they can use the desire to be more successful. Every stone can touch their strength and manage the severe condition of heated and stay with satisfactory respect to build a beautiful empire for a human being. The presence of iron oxide in stone will sometimes cause a deterioration in appearance by the formation of a reddish stain on the outer surface. For building an excellent presentation to himself, patience enrollment is the only way to create such things of anger resistance and manage the personal appearance attractive to the world. Impatience makes a beautiful face to the ugly one to diminish the natural existence where good fortune can take place into lousy life. To build up patience, some activities can help for that, for example, Gardening, Fishing, Book Reading, Meditation, Drawing, Cooking and learning new skills to develop an excellent personality appearance for development of the future.


Bidita Rahman

The Power of Word

The situation about people handling with greetings and welcoming and when they start screaming or blaming us. After that, it will say with warm and dishonor critic like, “Thank you for your courage and concern”. Try to identify the main problem of people’s anger. Listen to them. People see lots of roadblocks to getting involved in their life. Some point to their demanding schedules and say they don’t have extra time to volunteer or even attend any real activities, much less get involved in more significant ways. Others reveal how uncomfortable they feel when trying to communicate with other people, friends or neighbors, whether that due to language or cultural differences or their past experiences with their life. It is sometimes woeful that any person gets too much stressed with other person or family members. But we need to understand their feelings as well. Why fear, not anger is usually the culprit and how to use that knowledge to calm the person down. It needs to practice with home and spouse or other peer or friends with these badly fear we can control. Breath in Breath out can help the problem to be handled. Emotional creditability where emotion could be manipulated rather than convince credibly. Effectiveness vs. credibility means an argument is logically sound and well supported by strong evidence and reasoning. Emotional Credibility is more specific problem discussed with a trusted person rather than more general is more dismiss they feel. The more specific or are with your process with the person the more control they feel and the more control they feel they will calm down. This credibility can help to calm down and let them think that one person to other person is partners for better growth of their relationship. When people need to say something must be careful with words and speak very carefully with positioning. We need to remember we have to train ourselves to talk with them because it’s a sensitive issue. When words can make inaction mood than what should we do, we can use an emotional crisis or emotional priority. We need to know that dealing with people is the most essential tools for any human, manager, leader, teacher, administrator, author or any other profession. It is an ordinary and critical skill for sustaining in society and community.

Bidita Rahman

April 16, 2018