Root Level Domain

The art of changing and modifying thought is to train the bottom line of the dilemmas. Where you make your thinking pattern and the confidential disability create a premature thought process, then the entire body believes in that way. What the people are, how they work is by your eyes is only you think that. Not the actual deliberation. The origin of the appearances is different than the judging process. Educating mind means that you know the definition of your behavior, how it works. The system plugins may need to understanding mysticism and reality. The differences between self-delusion and self-understanding, where you know what you need and what you are by experimenting with possible fluctuation. The magic is spiritual perception, and the trick is to focus on the root level of the exploration. If you know the mystery of the problem of yours not scattered the questions, then an understanding of the melody of your portfolio can work well.

Bidita Rahman

Bold Edge

The natural tendency is human to have the courage to do something good or bad, but to do something without any will is not counted as a priority. The body and mind are not two different parts; it’s one piece in various name and character. The guts feeling of thought is to display the thing which we are ready to accept. And the acceptance of our life is confusing kites what flying without a destination. The tendency of the mind and thought is to relieve the pain, which is not possible until death. And the acceptance of the edge of discomfort is a wise manner to lead a life full of threats and opportunities. The inner peace bell is an illusion if the power of realization, not working with an edge.

Bidita Rahman

System Error

It is a doodle. What? What did it say? Yes, it is doodle, mind doodle. When growth and survival seem like play with each other, then it supposes to be doodling somewhere in the system, and it does not work sometimes. It could be an error. Our mind is working on systematic sampling where the targeted factor needs to analyze or observe the inner opportunity. When it doesn’t work, that means mind hunt by over the feelings. And feelings control the entire sampling design. When it needs to stop emphasizing the feelings and start thinking about the process engineering of the inner transformation than the system equation, and its standard solutions came out and eliminated the system error.

Bidita Rahman

An Anesthetic Mind

When life becomes so unreal, you feel then need to a deep breath and release negative symptoms from the body and mind. When the problem starts and creates many more? It is only because of undesirable feelings, express and unreal thoughtful expression. Yes, the problem is feelings. When emotions become genuine and real, then it can work out to lead a life full of rhythm. To me, feelings refer two types, True Feelings, and False feelings. True feelings are the things when we become delighted to see someone is happy. False beliefs when someone is feeling sad, and you are feeling satisfied. The reason behind the feelings is not always right. In that sense, we need intellectual anesthesia to eliminate the wrong one and understand the right. If any surgery needs to start, an Anesthesia specialist gives the patient anesthesia for not responding to the pain of that area. So that be an anesthetic mind, How? In everyday morning performing Prey, Yoga, can help the day fulfill. And also taking notes on what to do, make a small decision, and complete it and image the worst thing of life can happen anytime, and your action process. The action process makes your moment very powerful, and anesthetic intellectualism can work at that time.

The rotation of the mind game is purely real. It can also be realistic and dedication. The practice to be an anesthetic mind is more robust, and its benefit is you can calm down. If your mind is restless, you need more quite to understand the real fact of life, which is very important nowadays.

Bidita Rahman

New York

Labeling Personality

Personality is focussing on persons conscious and unconscious level of mental forces and standards. Sometimes we people showed extreme gratitude or frustration of needs at a particular stage of people. Some rational functions (thinking and feeling) and irrational functions (sensing and intuition) can help to understand the personality of people. However, the warning of the level is to label a person with the title without thinking in depth. Labeling personality is a contradiction feature to each other of human beings. Every person is different, and each person has different holding capabilities to approach with another person. One person knows the other person in one way because it varies about relation and person to person. It is challenging to understand person personality with knowing a little. However, the easy to guess is to observe people how they act and react with limited wages income people, how to deal with the challenges, how people understand other feelings and norms. We people conclude with the comment and labeling to another person so quickly which makes us nonjudgmental. Human has the power to judge himself not others, but other people can understand the person with their basic personality which is not changeable or vary with person to person.

Bidita Rahman

Nothing in mind, Actually!

Thought and the process of thinking is the temporary source what we receive from the outside of the world. The mind is an empty box where we just put consciously and unconscious information which not understandable in the initial stage. It modified in the inner filter and came up with the positive/ negative and neutral from the base of the experience and understanding level of the sense. According to our mindset, we can sense the unwanted filtering with the setup programming in the cognitive and distort the feeling in a different level of the side and get the result of the information what we need to think. That is what the process of thinking in our mind. Human itself has the power to think about whatever they want to and can express from the thought process. The daily life we get to experience from our life in various ways and our private warehouse gets full to receive it. Our energy level getting slower and battery needs to be charged but how can we find out that our battery needs to robust? When our thought process feels garbage inside, feeling distortion, unfocused, lack of concentration, lack of empathy, ignoring important task, getting angry easily and feeling confused every time etc. that is the reasons we can understand our mind is full of garbage, and we need to clean it and refill the essential ingredients to make a successful us. 

Best Wishes!

Bidita Rahman

Social Energy

When we see some active vibration between society or cultural get together than it helps our mind and thought the process to increase cerebral metabolism. But in the opposite section of the negative life vibration creates the oppositive energy which is not showing in the place but you can feel from the circumstances. The meaning of being with people is earned simple warm greetings and respect, but the social and environmental aspect people build a wall which may create an invisible glass where you can see everything, but you cannot intimate that person again. That is the worst part of life. We need to understand the real senses of your heart and soul. The deliberation of the living and the death, death is the part of the great reality. Every second, minutes and hour we die from our body, mind and moments. Like we cannot get our childhood again, we cannot go back to our kindergarten school again like a student. So that part is gone/dead. We reveal our present situation, what we are. The realization of life is to understand people, love people not because of who has money, name, fame just because he is an excellent vibrative person. That is important. The importance of opinion does not come from the difficulty of the situation but when you are quiet and peaceful to understand the fact.




Bidita Rahman