Be a Masterpiece! Because You Are.

We are masterpieces. The Creator proves it. So, why do we feel better than somebody else? Because somebody has something more significant, we do not have that one. That is how we are different from others. However, humans lose their potential when thinking about others rather than what they have inside. We envy people, a destructive, harmful component that creates cortisol hormones in our bodies and harms overall health. However, on the other hand, we have the power to achieve what we do not have direct, but we have it in a hidden way.

Moreover, that helps us to be different in being to becoming us. They have maintained that the realm of being is made up of things that never change in any way but that the domain of becoming consists of items that constantly change while they exist in many ways. Being mode is when you: Believe what you are feeling and thinking and how you act. Receive your current thoughts and feelings and let go of the temptation to do something about them or to change them. In Zen terms, you ‘live in the present moment.’

When your essence is the sense of somebody, someplace from inside, it creates energy to vibrate, which connects with you and tells you something about your soul. We are the ultimate creation of the Creator; we have the power to feel the vibration of the possibilities.

Be a masterpiece! Because you are.

Bidita Rahman

Emotional Infection

It is a transformation of emotional energy from one to another. Like a virus, you can distance 6 feet to avoid the virus. But emotional infection comes from people you are talking to, connected with mentally, and with whom you are staying, and it affects your energy frequency. So, if you get any unhealthy words that connect with you, immediately disconnect with that people. If you cannot disconnect, you can avoid it mentally. 

An emotional infection is a social contagion involving the spontaneous spread of emotions and related behaviors. Such dynamic convergence can happen from one person to another or in a larger group. Sentiments can be shared across individuals in many ways, both implicitly and explicitly, how people who observe the emotions and behaviors of another tend to copy those emotions and behaviors. Emotional infection can be triggered by facial expressions, indirect human exchanges, and watching other people’s behavior in direct and indirect interactions. 

You are defined as an average of five people you belong with. Remember. 

Bidita Rahman

Redirecting- “your thought”

Our mind is the most analytical, and our body is an emotional disk. Whatever word or self-analysis we use, our body listens like a pet. When petting a dog, you must use the exact words to listen to you. And, also repetition mood can redirect your lifestyle. So, overall, finding from your thought pattern, words, environment, and people you connect with can influence your mind and body. You must stay active every time with the same repetitive way to direct your life. If you are in a bad mood, go and walk, take a shower, or read a self-help book; during that time, do not use any bad words. It is listening and confusing. Because dual conversation makes the road too long. So, the right approach makes your pattern from a different perspective.

Bidita Rahman

You are Valuable, Why?

Every soul experiences different things through the human body. From childhood, the characteristics of the soul filter through the body and experience senses, feelings, love, and compassion. Also, it desires to be something bigger or nothing. Does the soul have its own age? Maybe. But, the power of the human soul is defined to shape the lifestyle and balance the thought process and action plan; its inner fire is used to get the result it needs. Humans are valuable; even angels bow down in front of the human. The soul is invaluable. The power of the soul reflects the world now moving through the impossible things possible.

Morning Ritual thinking

Bidita Rahman

Mood Doesn’t define “Actual” me?

Why does it happen? As women, somehow, my physical and mental challenges occur for a long or short time, and I completely do not understand my real me. I deeply analyze the answer. The mood depends on the internal or outside situation; it does not produce by myself. So, the tendencies from the fact are not conscious, which can define the unreal vs. real me; it just happens. It is playing inside the brain where it needs to put the information to utilize where not. I read Dr. van der Kolk’s book because I like to “troubleshoot” myself and take proactive action to fix whatever needs fixing. The results were a mixed bag, and I’m learning that this is one area in which I need to be patient and, more critically, gentle with myself. When you understand the inner trauma or outside the terms of the ugliest truth, the process of stretching the mind can be handled. The actual me understands the whole process consistent with the belief.

Bidita Rahman

“Does faulty and inaccurate mood defines me?”

“I am in faulty and inaccurate mood” – What does it mean? Emotional Distortion and Mental Filtering. Life gives us continuous reverses, drawbacks, and challenges. Life doesn’t know your capacity to adapt or accept the reversals. You know you and your weaknesses and strengths. You know better than you. Somebody gives you advice that is good for you but remembers that it does fit with your capacity, then accept it mentally. If you are a beginner runner, you cannot run 5 miles a day. You need a baby step with the 100 feet first to catch the 5 miles flow with everyday practice. We people quickly label others with some circumstances. But we are not what we act in the situations; situations do not mark our characteristics. Act in different situations; people understand you differently, not accurately you. Our brain records everything, every moment, every expression, and it will come up sometimes to feel upset; you need to understand the healing process. The healing process is that thoughts are contingent; they come from your five senses, seeing, feeling, smelling, and touching something you have already experienced.

What i am talking about, cognitive distortions are negative or irrational patterns of thinking. These negative thought patterns can play a role in diminishing your motivation, lowering your self-esteem, and contributing to problems like anxiety, depression, and substance use. Anyone can experience cognitive distortion, which the American Psychological Association defines as “faulty or inaccurate thinking, perception or belief.” Negativity is often the defining characteristic. For some of us, distorted thinking is a momentary blip. We get upset when we fail a math test. But math test does not define your intellectuality. Here is based on your concentration, interest, ability to mindset, etc. Sometimes you are upset because you think what people said to you, you are not what people said. Because people see you in a different situation where you act based on the creating situation, you may use your action without knowledge or experiences or with experiences. The experiences you are feeling may be in a different mood at that time.

If childhood trauma is the reason for your mental distortion of emotional unhealthiness at some point. Fix your inner child. Hug your inner child, and say, Don’t worry, I am here to be with you, come, come from the cage, give you freedom, take care of you. You are safe in my hand. Don’t feel lonely and untidy. I will be with you forever, and you will be a tidy and smiley child” Your inner child will listen to you. And, you must keep practicing every day until you feel accepted in your past.

Bidita Rahman