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Bidita Rahman, Asian American Author & Young Scholar, Bilingual Story Writer and Poet, Voice Narrator Artist & Reciter and Doctoral Student. She is doing Doctor of Education, Instructional Leadership, New York. She completed Masters in Science of Education (School Building Leadership) with a Full Scholarship from New York. And Business Graduate from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh. In a professional outlook, Bidita Rahman is a Business Educator and Educational Leadership specialist. Since her childhood, she is practicing Mental Health and Cognitive Psychology, and you can see the touch of Psychological issues in her writing. She is writing since childhood and starts with diary writing and essay writing. When grew starts with the poems in Bengali, Urdu, and English. She likes Poet Jalaluddin Rumi, Poet Jibonanondo Dash, Poet Emily Dickenson, Novelist Bongimchandra Chattapaday, Novelist J.K Rowling, Stephen King, and Dan Brown. She is a Professional Article and Column writer last Fifteen years in Bangladesh and United States Asian Community Newspapers.

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Bidita Rahman, Book Summary Analyst, Voice Narrator, at EchoZone A/V Production, New York.

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Bidita is scientifically practicing her Poetry and Writing using human behavior and psychosis analysis. Recently she starts story and novel writing at Community Newspaper in New York. She was recognized as a Scientific Poet and Writer from The Gemini Magazine, New York Asian Community, for her distinguished contribution to the field in 2017. She is Achieved New York City Council Citation Honoree Award as a Community Writer from the council of the city of New York, 2018. She has achieved NRB Writer Award as a Best Community Contribution Writer from the North American Bangladeshi Community in New York City, 2018.

Born: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Live: New York, United States of America

Motivational Strategy: Patience: Practice: Persistence 


1. You Are More Than You Are :

20 Scientific Codes Can Architect the system of Thought (Self-Driven Leadership, Language: English)

2. The Dark Window:

Watching brightness alone and feels black time wheels (American Poetry Book, Language: English)

3. Grey Sense:

A Mysterious Silence – English language (Asian Poetry Book, Language: English)

4. 21st Century Educational Science ( General Education, language: Bangla)

5. The Poetry of sigh (Poetry Book, Language: Bangla)

6. The Powerful Diary of Human Mind. (Personal Development Book, Language: English)

7. The Road of Obstacles. (Poetry Book, Language: Bangla).

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Bidita Rahman Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation, Established in New York in March 2020 for the pandemic situation of COVID-19. Millions of girls at home with no education. The foundation is working with the minority to educate young girls & women who are exhausted at home for many reasons. Education is the right for all, and it does not define any gender, race, and color. The foundation is working on the minority who need help because women have faced various mental and physical difficulties time by time. So, we have to help them through telecommunication, video conferencing, or other sources of communication. We just let them know that we are with them with help and support. Please let us know if you are violating at home, getting frustrated, or depressed. We are helping you through counseling and advising.
If you are interested in volunteering to teach, advise, or advocate for girls or women, please feel free to message me. It will appreciate it if you are spending your time and effort to counsel them for their mental stability.
Your support and coordination can save millions of lives.

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