Deja Vous









Deja Vous
Bidita Rahman
The snowy emotion,
seeking the road of devotion-
Walking towards the revolution
its reincarnation, reincarnation
I saw before; it happens to me
its again I feel, I feel back to see
its Deja Vous, I realize it still allowing my knee
to broke down again,
and I am seeking his eyes,
a bloody red eyes, deadly psychic eyes,
I saw it had seen it begin.
I felt it over, and I feel goosebumps.
It should not occur again.
I become tremendously overawing.
My thoughts again to waving
and back to me again
to diminish my present!

The Endless Storm







The Endless Storm
Bidita Rahman
A devil is roaring in my sense.
“Your time is slippered into madness.”
the blast need to hear now,
close your eyes, open your senses,
feel the motion of the gale.
I will bring restless blustering moment for you;
and you will be walking with a raging mood.
You are the desperation.
You are the radiant sensation.’
When I call you, “You will be mine.”
I am your Misfortune.

A feedback of Grey Sense: A Mysterious Silence – Bidita Rahman

Grey Sense, A mysterious Silence written by Bidita Rahman. I do like the moments where is a rhyme, it gives a presumed end and sums up the lines before. I also like the structure you used in the poems. Seems like the color red, gray, and green are your favorite colors, and you make these colors meaningful  for people’s lives, just like the book’s title suggests ” Gray sense, a mysterious silence.”   What a beautiful book title! The overall impression I get from these poems is of someone who is in the midst of change, which is full of love, gratitude, and brave!  I always believe poetry is uniquely a person’s inner thoughts and difficult to share with others because it is taken from the lining of people’s souls.  Among these 40 poems, my favorites are an irritable journey, love of warm womb, and feeling you. Because when I read them, I have a strong feeling connect with the meaning of these words. Thank you so much for publishing such a wonderful book to the world.

Sister Martina Hou

St. Johns Vianney Church

Queens, New York