Human need Mental Protection

6d93a5a08e0bd85e4b2a5f17e54bc206Every People need protection it might be, psychically, mentally, Socially, Financially and so on. But every human need mental protection most. But I do not think, so it is only for women, it also for everyone. Man cannot think that the real position of women. It is very annoyed for women that they cannot explain herself properly. So that, it is going to clash. In this argument culture, we all people are involved with this gender issue.

The contradiction of both parties is common phenomena in every culture. I do not blame any sides. But I blamed the system of culture which creates by us. We live and maintain a responsibility to each other, but it should be involved love and respect. But nowadays it is invisible to some people. People like a luxury because they need satisfaction. And this common question that What is satisfaction Actually? Ans should be fulfillment the desire or need. Satisfaction varies person to person. It is based on perception. Some people like to live with nature or some love to live in luxury. In that statements, Men and Women’s perception might be different may sometimes be one party expose the right things and sometimes may be another party. Gender clash or conflict should depend on the background of the family, relatives, environments, friends.

Sometimes we bother to each other or force any requirements, and that is the beginning of the problem. Freedom is important for both parties, but there needs some boundary because we have some limitation, but we do not know the things. So we have to know ourselves than others.
Conflict is existed till our death so it may not arise if we people are conscious about.

They are desire for undesirable emotion

From birth to death, each and every human being has to struggle in the world. But the greatest fight of all people is against their kind. Sometimes abnormality catches them and encircles them with painful moments. Sometimes negativity attracts them more than right or positive things and welcomes them to enter forbidden life. A barrier of mystery absorbs the screaming of the unwelcome world. The scheming is very unknown and avoided by us.

A little girl aspects love and affection from family, relatives  But not possible to think always positive anyway. Then automatically created this words by herself that ” I am alone” this loneliness modify honest thoughts then divert to undesirable worlds, which is unacceptable. Lack of love makes them enter the dark life which is unavoidable. Darkness creates a long distance to the light of life. So, they live with agony and pain.

They become a permanent member of the undesirable emotion.

Every place in this world creates a boundary to do good things for any woman’s. Now we can say that, yes this narrow thought is now decreasing gradually, but no, it will increase day by day in this globe. We just see the motive of any girls with any boys, but can we think the reason behind this harmful activities? No, we don not. We just through erotic compliments to the women. They are the angels who are our asset, but we do not think like they do. The destructive mind sometimes creates and inspires them to do crime or to behave unethically. In this society, every woman shows their expectations from men who can know, listen, dominate, cared for any woman. Men have to able to do anything in this society. So, it can be actively noticed to follow them, please to attention and understand the feelings of your mother, Aunt, sister, wife, your children and other women. They are watching you take them lots of love, care, respect. This, not a very hardworking job. It makes your happiness.

The World will be beautiful when you take care of beautiful flowers.  

Bidita Rahman