We are masterpieces. The Creator proves it. So, why do we feel better than somebody else? Because somebody has something more significant, we do not have that one. That is how we are different from others. However, humans lose their potential when thinking about others rather than what they have inside. We envy people, a destructive, harmful component that creates cortisol hormones in our bodies and harms overall health. However, on the other hand, we have the power to achieve what we do not have direct, but we have it in a hidden way.

Moreover, that helps us to be different in being to becoming us. They have maintained that the realm of being is made up of things that never change in any way but that the domain of becoming consists of items that constantly change while they exist in many ways. Being mode is when you: Believe what you are feeling and thinking and how you act. Receive your current thoughts and feelings and let go of the temptation to do something about them or to change them. In Zen terms, you ‘live in the present moment.’

When your essence is the sense of somebody, someplace from inside, it creates energy to vibrate, which connects with you and tells you something about your soul. We are the ultimate creation of the Creator; we have the power to feel the vibration of the possibilities.

Be a masterpiece! Because you are.

Bidita Rahman

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