It is a transformation of emotional energy from one to another. Like a virus, you can distance 6 feet to avoid the virus. But emotional infection comes from people you are talking to, connected with mentally, and with whom you are staying, and it affects your energy frequency. So, if you get any unhealthy words that connect with you, immediately disconnect with that people. If you cannot disconnect, you can avoid it mentally. 

An emotional infection is a social contagion involving the spontaneous spread of emotions and related behaviors. Such dynamic convergence can happen from one person to another or in a larger group. Sentiments can be shared across individuals in many ways, both implicitly and explicitly, how people who observe the emotions and behaviors of another tend to copy those emotions and behaviors. Emotional infection can be triggered by facial expressions, indirect human exchanges, and watching other people’s behavior in direct and indirect interactions. 

You are defined as an average of five people you belong with. Remember. 

Bidita Rahman

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