Human has the enormous power of inner soul when it decides nobody can stop. Every work should be done for development when it determines its event of development need; the nation will develop gradually. It thinks that “We” development instead of  “I” development thinking is the real and fact. Because when it works people around you feel encouraged, that work is not more only yourself when it talks, people listen and learn from it. Every creation is a great teacher; they teach effectively and strategically. When you think I may stop or external factors force you to end, then that feeling is distressed. Please end, when it dies- Before depart, do not quit. Serving, Motivating, loving the world with an excellent source of realization and capabilities to represent it. It depends on you want to grow and cultivate your sense and thought, or you stop and think I cannot do. Grow or Die. The decision is yours!

Bidita Rahman

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