If I compare myself to Priyanka Chopra that what a life she is leading with name, fame, money, and recognition than I will create trouble inside me. We need to love our strength which makes us stronger than this world. The great things are to be an honest feeling in me. We have to be true to us that yes I also have the essential ingredients which can help me to further- than real life will be bigger than the age. Age does not matter to succeed anything if it can matter than Colonel Harland Sanders, Owner of famous KFC, cannot Achieve with his original idea to the world. I saw many people in many countries feels O’ i am getting old to provide anything to the world than it is a problem of thoughts not our age. If some people think I am too younger to do anything well, then it is also the same negative correlation between real strength. We have to focus on the mission we have in our real sense; it needs to capture our mind to be active. Focus on Strength-Focus what your power says to you-Life requires realization, not to associate with dissatisfaction.

Bidita Rahman

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