When we see children are free from fear and anxiety because they don’t have any past experiences to think of fear and loss of something to create stress than they will free bird to fly without tension and unhappiness. When do we stop doing great things in our life? When we interrupt ourselves to be a great person? Because of past failure and loss. Don’t we think that we are more significant than any problems in our life? If we are more extensive than this than we dare to live life with full of passion. The intention is the main thing to realize which creates purpose and the thought process is the leading cause of happiness and unhappiness. So intimate environment is the primary current of our life to do something big. Our power of habit is the key features that what we are, whom can break the negative electricity from our mind and get blank to away from the fear of not to able to do anything then nobody can stop us to deal with ultimate success. Deal with life and ask life to give more problems face to solve this for a better decision maker and feel like an Excellence.

Bidita Rahman

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