Man is by nature a political animal—Aristotle

Human is not required to be a criminal animal. They born as an angel feelings, but the earth planet is a very crucial place for a human to become as gentle feelings always.  Maybe they survive their faith by growing their environment as well. Every person in this world should know the survival kit but many people do not understand that much, in that regards it’s become violent and suspicious situation around person circle of life. In this regards, innocence means lack of real guilt or any crime which is legally and morally accepted. Many people cannot accept the truth of him or herself; they feel proud to be like that. They are blind, but they see only what they want to see, they are deaf, but listen what they want to hear, they are not eligible to understand anything, but they know and understand only what they want to need to figure out of themselves. Respect is not by born achieved it should be gained by good behavior to everyone, not for particular people. Smiling is a holy breath of every creation with natural love and feelings, not the fake one. We, human know the fascination of ours, or else we might not know the desired level of our self. We live our life without knowing our self; we talk, listen, feel, understand but we cannot fully know the picture of the philosophical history of our life. Emotional bindings like, relationship are sometimes attract the innocence because of misuse emotional attachment of one’s life. The truth is such a unkindly ingredient of unwanted people, whatever he or she must be relative or friends. Emotional cultivation should be given priority for growing up children, is given them Priority??? NO.

If the answer is YES then why this planet is bleeding every day???????

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Bidita Rahman

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