Last few days I am overwhelmed with some research works and studies. I think all the time I am doing my job in right way to time management or not. Then after some issues, i discover something that makes sense. I realize that family, work, study, career or other responsibility is not a pressure in life. So that question is, What makes us feeling pressure?

  1. When we work but somebody getting backbiting, that makes us feeling bad which creates discouragement to yourself and we sometimes lost our interest to perform regular work, then we face pressure on that. So the Problem is BACKBITING.
  2. When we want to desire something and share with friends and family, then they strongly discourage anyway, then we feel sorry to do any work to fulfill our desire. The problem is not to see passion, the problem is DISCOURAGEMENT.
  3. When you work and perform your duties and responsibilities than no body gets any appreciation than the work you do you didn’t get anything from it, it will create demotivated in your mind. Then the work will be your overwhelmed pressure. So the problem is not the duty and responsibility. The problem is NOT to APPRECIATE people.

So the solution is people need to understand people and encourage them to their work or Be strong anyway, you don’t need any courage from outside of the world. Feel peace, listen to good and peaceful music, stay cool, drink plenty of water, be hydrated, and stay constant with your work and praise yourself. Come on! We are a great Human Being, We are bigger than any Problem.


Bidita Rahman

July 17, 2017

New York.

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