Patience Enrollment

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves of thousand moments of regret.”

A person wants the ultimate desire in his life and patience is the tools where they can understand how they can use the desire to be more successful. Every stone can touch their strength and manage the severe condition of heated and stay with satisfactory respect to build a beautiful empire for a human being. The presence of iron oxide in stone will sometimes cause a deterioration in appearance by the formation of a reddish stain on the outer surface. For building an excellent presentation to himself, patience enrollment is the only way to create such things of anger resistance and manage the personal appearance attractive to the world. Impatience makes a beautiful face to the ugly one to diminish the natural existence where good fortune can take place into lousy life. To build patience, some activities can help for that, for example, Gardening, Fishing, Book Reading, Meditation, Drawing, Cooking and learning new skills to develop an excellent personality appearance for development of the future.


Bidita Rahman

The Power of Word

The situation about people handling with greetings and welcoming and when they start screaming or blaming us. After that, it will say with warm and dishonor critic like, “Thank you for your courage and concern.” Try to identify the main problem of people’s anger. Listen to them. People see lots of roadblocks to getting involved in their life. Some point to their demanding schedules and say they don’t have extra time to volunteer or even attend any real activities, much less get involved in more significant ways. Others reveal how uncomfortable they feel when trying to communicate with other people, friends or neighbors, whether that due to language or cultural differences or their past experiences with their life. It is sometimes woeful that any person gets too much stressed with other person or family members. But we need to understand their feelings as well. Why fear, not anger is usually the culprit and how to use that knowledge to calm the person down. It needs to practice with home and spouse, or other peer or friends with these badly fear we can control. Breath in Breath out can help the problem to be handled. Emotional creditability where emotion could be manipulated rather than convince credibly. Effectiveness vs. credibility means an argument is logically sound and well supported by substantial evidence and reasoning. Emotional Credibility is a more specific problem discussed with a trusted person rather than more general is more dismiss they feel. The more specific or are with your process with the person the more control they think and the more control they think they will calm down. This credibility can help to calm down and let them believe that one person to another person is partners for better growth of their relationship. When people need to say something must be careful with words and speak very carefully with positioning. We need to remember we have to train ourselves to talk with them because it’s a sensitive issue. When words can make inaction mood than what should we do, we can use an emotional crisis or emotional priority. We need to know that dealing with people is the essential tools for any human, manager, leader, teacher, administrator, author or any other profession. It is an ordinary and critical skill for sustaining in society and community.

Bidita Rahman

April 16, 2018


Human: Power of Infinite

You are the one who can determine to win and action to be a conquest. You are more robust and greater than your thought and action. You are one who deliberates your intention to ultimate victory. You have the power of infinite freedom of the Universe. Your level of ability is an eternity but the restriction of your image of what you believe. No limitation can stop the Human Being infinite Power. Human is the creation of the Great creation of the Creator who can build the immortal love and wisdom to destroy destruction.

Bidita Rahman


Belief- Knowledge and Experience

The more you learn and experiment in real life the more you believe that way. Feeling trigger is only controlled by yourself, not others. If we change the direction right away, our belief and strength will be transferred gradually. I experiment with some things which are very more profound to understand that when I start to test myself that which water can I absorb -hot water and cold water? I find out when push the button of boiling water 75 degrees I feel good, but when I increase more temperature I become feeling more uncomfortable then I stop and think 5 minutes to absorb this temperature and then It seems to get comfortable.
On the other hand, I do same way in cold temperature and stop -1 than feeling like a freeze, but I can absorb. After completing my task, I observe myself that our mind is stronger than anything in this universe. We can incorporate anything, but we have the limitation of external factors. So the thing is the more we gain, the more in-depth knowledge to know anything on this earth than we can get the more prior person to ourselves to the belief that impossible is the only word made by man, not my nature.

Bidita Rahman

New York

July 26, 2017