Mood Doesn’t define “Actual” me?

Why does it happen? As women, somehow, my physical and mental challenges occur for a long or short time, and I completely do not understand my real me. I deeply analyze the answer. The mood depends on the internal or outside situation; it does not produce by myself. So, the tendencies from the fact are not conscious, which can define the unreal vs. real me; it just happens. It is playing inside the brain where it needs to put the information to utilize where not. I read Dr. van der Kolk’s book because I like to “troubleshoot” myself and take proactive action to fix whatever needs fixing. The results were a mixed bag, and I’m learning that this is one area in which I need to be patient and, more critically, gentle with myself. When you understand the inner trauma or outside the terms of the ugliest truth, the process of stretching the mind can be handled. The actual me understands the whole process consistent with the belief.

Bidita Rahman

Create a mental boundary to set up mind


Took one of the active systems of hardworking life. Hope the day will come when some expensive method will be applied in emotional suspect. Creating an overall movement of life is not sufficient at all. Create mental boundary with mind mapping math. With lots of unpredictable circumstances will happen in life but life cannot stop as well.

Each and every step of movement should not be alerted by Human, so that make strong vision should apply to unconscious functions. High motivation cannot implement if reliable power might not hold with patience. Struggling life for need or demand the whole perspective situation or for the existence of life. Structural psychology thinks that every mission should be a stereotype in particular portion. Think should be generated with strategic stimuli and strain to add same unconscious mind and conscious mind. The fight between two portions should not right because each side depends on another side so have to firm on unconscious mind first.

However, every people have to fight against or for his or her mind. Ambition gap creates subordinates of the human spirit which cannot afford critical staff and face a new crisis. DThe disorganized and scattered brain cannot focus triple eye which is sometimes called sixth sense. And the lack of this particular program of brain struggling is tough to hold in red sector of life.


“Need Systematic desensitization therapy”

Bidita Rahman