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The Psychological Stamina during COVID-19 Panic Attack
Bidita Rahman

Human has a great source of power. Every human has an inner system where he can understand the power of thought. The power of thinking can understand the current situation or the situation he belongs to. The method of the internal thought process has the strength to understand the actual thing. The real case and other conditions cannot know at the surface level. The psychological SWOT analysis needed (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and threat) by receiving the real power of the source. Nowadays, we humans are facing a deadly virus called COVID-19. This virus is not an epidemic. It is called Pandemic. It kills the number of people but affects the number of people. We only see the death rate because the media shows us.
Moreover, this may be affecting our psychological state. This virus attacks human through touch, sneezing, arousing through talk. So, the prevention is cleaning hand and sanitize it, build social distance, and sneezing at the elbow. Are we do that? We create social range by staying at home. However, social media we connect, and virus aroused through news and continuously attacking our minds. So, this virus first welcomes our brain and nervous system; then, we become weak. Our immune system becomes weak. Then a virus attack on our body if we get aroused from it. Thus, we need to create distance not only in the real world but also in the virtual world.
On the other hand, the coronavirus outbreak caused most people to get unemployed and locked at home. They were feeling uncertain and had no idea that they will have a paycheck again. So, the isolation of the people has limited the social contract and feels stressed and overwhelmed with the challenges, creating more anxiety and post-traumatic depression disorder. Mental health experts worried that most Americans could have massive depression episodes and thoughts about suicide.
The situation is getting worse in New York City, and it may take longer to get normal everything. So, in that case, saving enough food and money for the crisis is a wise idea. Furthermore, the situation on lockdown at home or isolation, people need to reshape the body and mind with meditation and praying. Social media is an excellent tool to connect with family and friends, but avoid some issues about the virus continuously is getting more depressed, knowing the death rate. Stress feeling or depression may generate high blood pressure, nervousness, tension, and headaches, and it will later stay forever. The side effects of mental disturbances are weakening the immune system, which are our powerful tools to fight against the virus and other challenging issues. Build an immune system with taking vitamin C, morning meditation, and exercise.
In that situation, searching for online jobs or doing online teaching or counseling with people is also a better idea. Just need precaution for better mental health—Ready for the worse situation and taking more inspiration speech from the great leaders. Reading online books about self-help and motivational may support for some time to take a bad situation. Taking a regular shower and cleaning home as well is a good idea. Watching comedy movies or making a drawing is also a calming mind exercise.
The situation of life is dominating by nature. We, people, are experiencing with the mental tools. However, it needs to take care of the body and spirit. It is a nightmare, and it will go away soon. Hope is the medicine for better mental health at this moment. COVID-19 is a word of killing machine to the human being. However, human has excellent power to prevent it from following some restriction. Additionally, it will resolve it soon.