About Bidita Rahman Make a vision to sharp perception and create a sensation

Welcome to this blog. This place is to share a feeling, ideas, knowledge, experiences, and research among others that can help everybody to get improved about their all matters existing in this globe. Life is such a stressful day by day, so we should have to focus on new innovative ideas and spread every dream come true.

Bidita Rahman is a Scientific Poet and Author. She is scientifically practicing her Poetry and Writing using human behavioral science analysis.
Education: Masters in Science of Education at St. John’s University, New York.
Achievement: City Council Citation Honoree Award as a Community Activist from the council of the city of New York, 2018.
Author of four acclaimed gatherings of a poetry book in multi-languages.

The Gemini Magazine, New York honors Bidita for her distinguished contribution to the field of poetry and writing in 2017.

Achieved NRB Writer Award as a Best Community Contribution Writer from the North American Bangladeshi Community at New York City, 2018.

Activities: She is frequently writing articles and columns in various Newspaper. She is learning sequences of Poetry in America: Emily Dickenson and Walt Whitman from Harvard Extension School. Her thinking elegance is to use more Color and Time as though which imitates people and surroundings. She involved at Poetry Society of America.

List of Books

The Dark Window:
Watching brightness alone and feels black time wheels (American Poetry Book)

You can find this Book here this  Link:


2. Grey Sense:

A Mysterious Silence – English language (Asian Poetry Book)

You can find this Book here this link: https://www.amazon.com/Gray-Sense-Mysterious-Bidita-Rahman/dp/1478785403/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1542860177&sr=1-1&keywords=Bidita+Rahman.

3. Kobita Ek Girghosshasher Nam ( The Sigh of Poetry) in the Bengali Language (Poetry Book)

4. The Powerful Diary of Human Mind in the English Language ( Motivational Book)

5. Glanimoy Path (The way of obstacles) in the Bengali Language ( Poetry Book)


4 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Hi,I am Nom’aan from Dhaka.Hope you are well.I am very much interested in your every creation. I believe in good word and good person.Thank you very much.
    Best regards

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